Saturday, October 8, 2016

Something in the Way, Yeah, Mmmmm

There's this creepy kid that has his locker above mine at work. One of the overnight crew.  He always looks like he's up to something with those shifty eyes and says way inappropriate things when I see him.  I'm not someone who is easily offended and tend to like off color people so I've never thought to report him.  If he crosses my line, then you can be sure it's pretty bad.  But he's shown enough of himself to put me on guard at this point.  I'm not scared of him but I wouldn't at all be surprised if they found him guilty of some heinous crime. Lately I get all Allison Dubois feeling around him.

Today I walked up as he was telling this young Asian girl that she looks like she 'really knows some kung-fu'.  The way he said it all sexual and got all up in her personal space. Didn't even make sense yet I felt the slime from a yard away.  Not to mention it was that stupid racist crap. She quickly told him that was really offensive to her and wasn't sure what he meant by it.  He began jumping around and singing the word bite over and over, really loud, like as if he was getting bit.  I could tell he felt shamed. This lasted so long that I had to shoot him my mom's death stare that usually works to shut nonsense down quickly.  Instead he took it as an invite to tell me the story.  He didn't understand how she could be so offended.  That's what's scary about this kid. It's like he has no filter but yet he's capable of getting pissed at you for reacting to his bullshit.  A bad cocktail.  These are the kind of guys that do bad things to women. As I write I guess I do fear him a bit.  I've suspected he was the one ripping off lockers in the area.  Security told us to be on guard, probably someone near us.  

I don't have an end to this story, I'm just sharing in the case I'm found face down in the Gowanus. And although this bleu cheese turkey burger was good with these thin sliced roasted potatoes and waffle fries, it is void of an accompanying tale.  

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