Monday, October 17, 2016

The Sun is Up, The Sky is Blue

Did you ever notice that while walking with friends, some seem to take no notice of their surroundings and completely live and move in the conscious mind?  I love to walk in the city and part of that thrill is to take in everything.  One would assume if you're walking in tandem, you'll both have similar views. But I have noticed throughout the years that several friends and family have the ability to shut it all out and focus on conversation and words only. They pull you into the images they are creating with speech.  I look over and it's clear they are seeing nothing but in their own minds eye. Pretty cool actually that humans have this ability.
I think I'm more like a dog whereas I tend to concentrate on many small things along the way. I like to piss on and sniff everything.
I picked up my bud at the subway station because even though she's been here several times she can't recall how to maneuver to my apartment. It was a beautiful sunny day and I thought to take a scenic walk up to  Prospect Park and along the way we'd surely find a suitable spot along 5th Avenue for lunch.  I think we were almost up to 9th Street when I realized nothing was taken into consideration and no scenes were viewed.  I feel it's not polite to interrupt sometimes to a fault, so even though I noticed some spots, for some reason I couldn't take control of the wheel and drive our two person herd into the stable.  I'm never confident in my dining choices, always sure there is the perfect spot right ahead.  I figured it would happen organically.  Instead it's like we popped our heads up out of a beaver hole and realized we were cranky and needed food. We were yakking like two hens the entire time.  We crossed the street and combed the dining choices on the sunny side now feeling cold and the conversation suddenly more awkward with less flow. I now realize it's because I had pulled the girl to the surface where she is less comfortable.  I had to pause and reconnoiter as I am actually terrible at walking and thinking.  I can barely listen what with all the sniffing and images my mind was grabbing.
This is not a complicated notion. Just walk and you will find a place, I thought.  But we were almost back to my street before I realized that one of the things we do have in common is we like familiar.  We both feel at ease in known settings.  If it worked once, it can work again.
So after a bit of fuss and reassurance that her portion would be sufficient, the place was warm enough, not too crowded and we'd have some privacy, we were seated at National Thai in Fort Greene.  Miss H is an incredible person and a true adult but my experience with friends is always a little skewed. Mainly because I'm such a nutcase.  After she put that straw in her signature Coke I felt a bit like a mother who finally got the baby down.  We could relax and commence to chatting away again.   The world folded up on queue and we stayed stationary as the lunch crowd came and went around us.
Fresh Thai Summer Rolls, Vegetable Fried Rice, and Spicy Beef Noodles.

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