Sunday, October 23, 2016

These Things Are Clear to All From Time to Time

Made a quick before-work skillet breakfast.  Swiss cheesy soft scrambled eggs with fried potatoes and turkey pepperoni.  But man, I was grouchy.  I had to go to work on a lazy Sunday, which is often the case and you'd think I'd get used to it but instead grow more resentful because that's the kind of idiot I am.   We had a windy storm the previous night and apparently strong enough to knock down an old tree.  An obstruction on the road on my ride in to work about halfway through.  But it blocked more than just my path.  The coming upon it and having to divert my route as well as my focus of attention was enough to break me out of my regularly programmed gloom.

I got off my bike and walked around the scene and listened to the morning conversations.  Some were single folks like me, just checking it out silently, trying to make eye contact to share the head shakes and 'what a bummer' remarks for the car owner that suffered the most damage.  We all agreed, this was unfortunate, yet amazing to see on this sunny morning.  It wasn't our problem to clean up or deal with, it was just something that was dropped on our world to contemplate.  Cell phone pics were captured and people moved on fairly quickly.  
That night as I was riding home from work I felt grateful to have my bike, my health and the fresh crisp Fall air.  I glided safely home while scoping all the sweet Halloween decorations of the more fortunate folks all tucked in their gorgeous warm brownstones.  Most likely not working on a Sunday I assumed but also not privy to my quiet scenic nighttime vistas.

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