Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Movement You Need is On Your Shoulders

I'll say it.  I'm over 9/11.  I'm tired of reliving the tragedy and horrible scenes each year.  I want people who have lost lives or loved ones to have their respect and anything that makes them feel better.  But.  But I just don't want to wake up to the morning newscasts center all day on the reading of the names and live coverage at ground zero.  It's like saying you don't like baby seals, I know, but I just think it's time to perhaps limit the broadcasting to maybe every ten years.  They always have to connect it to new fears and threats and I'm just sick of getting all worked up and anxious for this day to come here in New York.  I don't want to ride the subway or go into the city or be in public places.  Oh wait, that's every day.  

But seriously folks, we have all this new stuff to build paranoias upon like Ebola and ISIS and now the Enterovirus.  Surely we have some room for unseasoned foreboding.  I say let's freshen up this stale gloom. The best thing to do on this day is turn off all media and try to experience the day as it really is, just another day in this beautiful world.
Baked chicken breast with thyme, lime and jalapeno.  Green bean and tomato side.  Seemed appropriate.  Not festive.  Basic, sorta serious food.  Um, may I be excused from the table?

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