Sunday, September 14, 2014

September Mo(u)rn

I said goodbye to my laundry man who closed up his shop today on Fulton the only way I know how, silently and by taking pictures of him from across the street.  I did actually walk over there and hug him and thank him, exchanged as many words as we could both understand the other day.  He's been there for 18 years.  We've only known him for 3 or 4 but will miss him dearly.  I've never grown so close to someone who I don't really know.  I did see him once or twice a week. Walking into the shop sometimes was like walking into a real family's house when they were eating dinner.  I liked that family, I like this man who I called Guy.

And then selfishly I went through days of high anxiety trying to understand where I would do my laundry in the future as the only other mat has really bad Yelp reviews.  Not only was a favored neighbor leaving but my sock pile was growing in the corner not to mention my unmentionables.  I hand wash them but I wait until I send out the laundry.  Routines make sense to me, give me a sense of security.  I don't like change.  I don't like new.  
I needed food that would put a warm sweater on my neuroses.  I grow attached to people, especially nice genuine lights that smile.  People don't smile that much anymore, strangers I mean.  I throw out dozens of unreturned smiles and frankly I'm getting a little tired of it.  You shouldn't give smiles needing one in return, I completely agree but it's such a sweet gift that to ignore it or worse, bat it away like a mosquito takes something away from all of us.  Geez, I'm not simple, just smile back as a acknowledgement that we're both out here walking around on the same planet.  Seems like such an easy concept.  Like people imparting a little chocolate Hershey's Kiss as they pass.  Hey it beats silent judging, which we all probably are guilty of when we walk by each other.  But if you'll notice, when you smile it's almost impossible to think a negative thought.
Look at the size of this cauliflower.  Biggest I've seen.  The picture doesn't do it justice.
This dish makes me smile.  And I was beaming when I finally got to serve it up. Arroz con pollo made with millet in the oven in a big casserole pot.  Bone in skinless thighs, the only way to go.  I made a nice roasted tomato base. I love when chicken gets silky like this and that millet just picks up all the flavor.

To finish, I made a nice fresh grated cauliflower salad with fresh tomato, peno, cilantro and lemon. 
Guy was there the day we moved into this apartment and the first introduction to the neighborhood.  I remember he was laughing when I walked my two full laundry bags in straight from the moving truck.  It may take an extra helping of this chicken to fully recover from my loss.

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  1. did I say cilantro? I meant dill. I put dill in the cauliflower salad.


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