Monday, September 22, 2014

Measuring a Summer's Day, I Only Find It Slips Away to Grey

This was the official end of summer dish.  Fresh sweet corn on the cob, ripe avocados over a steak and spinach salad.
I marinated thin sliced, what they were calling London Broil.  Not the best meat for this sort of thing but if you cut it against the grain and use a bit of tenderizer, it can work as a cheap beef fix.
I know it was summer because I ate a heap of summer salads but that was about the extent of my estival festivities.  I guess I wore shorts a lot... of varying lengths.  This might have been my last year to wear the super short shorts and I pushed that about a decade too far.  I can get away with it because I'm shorter than most. My legs are not aging at the same pace as say my hands.  I get that from my mom but there comes a time when a woman shouldn't wear super cropped shorts even if she can.  Something inappropriate about it.  But there is more to it.  I don't want to see anyone's skin if full daylight even if they keep themselves in really good shape over about 40.  Young skin is full and fleshy and so alive.  Older skin is sort of more lizard-like and thin.  I never really thought about the difference much until this year. I noticed all the hands of the young girls, the shoulders and arms.  The way their complexions were like a glass of full fat milk. Even chubby girls if they were about 20, seemed so much more attractive.  I could definitely see why the men would prefer youth.  Women would too of course but we are just probably more thoughtful about it.  I see a good looking man of 25-30 and I think of my nephews right away and that snaps me out of my goofy googly eyed gaze. But all these creepy old snakes don't have those filters and have no reservations about going for it and taking their shot.   In their minds, they feel they should still be able to have that.  Seems so pompous and out of touch with reality.  But then the truth is they could have a young girl if she's looking for money or power.
Like Johnny Depp and his new adolescent mate.   Yes, it's Johnny Depp and his body of work and talent is very admirable and should be treasured.  But, does he really feel 'right' with this girl in the full light of morning when say the sun is beaming down on the yellowing of his toenails or the beginning crinkles of his gooseneck and all of her doll parts are spring fresh and no where near their expiration date?  
He probably feels just fine because I doubt men are self aware like women.  He probably thinks he's quite the catch.  I'm sorta glad summer is over.  I'm tired of contemplating flesh.

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