Sunday, April 20, 2014

If We Took a Holiday, Took Some Time To Celebrate

It was Sunday morning and I rode into work soaking in the sunlight on my face even though it was still very windy and cold.  It was Easter and I wanted to celebrate even though I would be doing it by selling kitchens all day.
 It was Passover, it was 420, it was spring break, Easter and I figured we'd have a semi-calm relaxed retail day.  I mean who would be here today shopping for furniture?   But when I opened those double doors into the store, I saw everyone.  That's who would be here today shopping.... everyone.  Everyone and their two little toddler aged kids.  It's kind of ignorant to want peace in retail.  I know that but a lot of things are so over the top in New York.  It's the mixture of quantity of people and different cultures, languages, ways of shopping, unbelievable impatience - so hard to explain how it's so incredibly different but it is.  There seems to be an unawareness or respect for each other within each's individual realities.  No one is orbiting around the same planet.  And maybe I was kind of upset that on this beautiful holiday this was the thing all these people thought to do was to go out and shop?? I don't want to understand that world.
 I kept my zen for one customer and then some one sent me down the wrong path.  I struggled to keep any holiday joy myself.  The only thing that got me through was that I would be out of there early enough to try to have a little celebration at home.  I left P with the list that morning.  I wasn't attempting anything big at all since I had to work early the next day.
Turkey-Veggie burger patties with roasted asparagus.  For snacks hummus, crudites, and baked veggie chips.
But for dessert, a nice big slice of Red Velvet Cake to share from Touch of Velvet and a huge vat of popcorn.
I'm no better than those schmucks shopping.  I too am living in my own world and struggle with just about every facet of life but I'm giving full permission right now to shoot on site should you ever see me shopping at a big box retailer on Easter Day.

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