Thursday, April 10, 2014

Tell Me Why, Everything's Turned Around

I got a big bag of medium sized green bell peppers on sale so I figured I'd do a healthy take on baked stuffed peppers.  I did a chop on all my left over vegetables from the week including that roasted cauliflower and cooked it with ground turkey.
I fell in love with black rice and millet as a bold defiance against Quinoa.  I used to like it but then I watched the prices hike up to $15 bucks a small bag for that stuff.  Hey, there are other grains out there honey.  And not every one is jacked up sky high yet but they're close.  What happened to just buying groceries?  Now you have to go in armed with a degree in nutritional values as well as extensive price comparison research.
Normally I would include the rice in the stuffing but since the peppers were so small, I put them on a bed instead.  In order to freshen up the flavors I squeezed lots of fresh lemon onto the tomatoes and dropped them in right before stuffing as well as some fresh parsley.
For the topping instead of breadcrumbs I put Ezekiel 4:9 cereal with millet, spelt, wheat berries, flax and it toasted up quite nicely with a little olive oil dribble.

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