Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Forever You'll Stay in My Heart

I was so excited about eating juicy turkey burgers made on my Emeril grill pan that I was shocked how dang gorgeous and tasty my corn zucchini salad came out.
It was like eating spring!  When the neighborhood starts to blossom and all the restaurants begin opening their outdoor gardens and patios, it feels like another place entirely.  

Spring is so dang miraculous, I tear up just looking at the buds on the trees.  I mean this year I was sort of thinking, what if it never comes again?  What if spring just stopped happening?  I mean, there is no guarantee.  And sure the winter could have been a lot worse (and probably will be next year) but that was some scary shit.  Gloom and doom on already depressed faces.  Hardships were that much worse in the grey.
March went by and no signs of change.  Then when half of April came and left without hardly a trace of spring, then everyone sort of went into a sort of auto-pilot mode.  You did what you had to do but you could barely stand being cold and without sun or color.  Nothing was funny any more about the cold lasting.  It was just like waking up to bad news every morning.  And sometimes it was accompanied by freezing rain.
So, me I'm celebrating because now I no longer feel spring is a right.  It's a damn miracle and who knows how many of these we'll see in our lifetime.  Dozens and dozens I hope but they'll never lose their magic for me.

Spring comes in food too!  The bright green snow peas, the grape tomatoes bursting with sweet juiciness. Yellow and white corn and the summer squash lightly sauteed in garlic infused olive oil.  The warmth of the sun on a plate!

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