Monday, September 24, 2012

It's So Hard in the Middle of the Week, Maybe Greg Kelly is All I Need

I have a non-scary, perfectly normal TV crush on Greg Kelly. I'm not obsessed in a weird way. Yes the newscaster on Fox 5 News. I fell in love with Rosanna Scotto and Greg when they were the morning team for Good Day NY. They are real but way whacked out New Yorkers. Rosanna has no filter and once said jism on the air, which was hysterical. I remember choking on my cereal hearing it. They both might be idiots but for some reason, super likeable. Greg's our tough Irish commissioner's son and although he's had a perfectly respectable job history, he seems to be a bit of a wild card. Even his style of reporting is non-traditional. He says what he wants and he doesn't speak in that same rhythm that many do. His co-anchors always look terribly nervous and uncomfortable. He's not politically correct and his true passions always shine through which are trivia for songs, places, people and movies. That rape accusation thing was bogus and pure horse pooey. I love when people, alleged grown adults wave their freak flags. Its super inspiring. I wish more people would do it. And its also not at all suspicious that his mother is a regular customer of mine at work and whom I adore. They all look like cherub babies and those little smiling eyes are too cute! I would love them all in a collectables bobble-head set. But this is all because my life is sad right now and uneventful.
On this Monday, another week without the P-nut, I have two things to look forward to after my prison release (work shift end)...Greg Kelly at 6pm and thin spaghetti with a meat sauce.

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