Sunday, September 2, 2012

Break It To Me Gently

The day after the Big Show was to be relaxing and mellow. P did very well considering it was his first live show in quite a while. Regardless of the outcome, I'd planned on having a little net the next day. I feel one needs cushions in life. Padding for our tired mind and being to fall back on. After something hard and unknown you need to land softly. Maybe that's why God made women's breasts. And why He made hefty bottom ends to fall on. Although Mexican women sort of got jipped out of both. It's quite alright though because as it turns out as we age and things start heading south, when you have less of it to turn, seems things tend to stand their ground a bit longer and firmer. My mother used to tell me not to long for a big bosom because of this same reason, I'd live to regret the extra weight. Staring at her with the body of a 14 year boy at 17 and better legs on a table, as my dad used to say, I could only think she had no grip on reality. But she was actually right.
Bless her heart, you know when I was younger my mom had tons of really solid advice but I just couldn't appreciate it much then. It seemed so dated and irrelevant to the situation at hand. But I knew enough to at least listen and take it in even if it seemed useless at the time. Because my mom is thoughtful and also never wastes time. When she takes the time to tell you something there is meaning to be found in it, even if its not what you cared to hear. Now thinking back, much of her guidance finally sinks in. She has the knack of getting right to the point, sifting out all the bullshit. Breaking subjects down to their essentials, wiping it off putting it in her hand and then showing you, see, here's the truth. Like a finely polished stone. A wonderful talent and maybe the same place I learned that one needs cushions in life.
For breakfast I made gently scrambled soft eggs with Swiss cheese and mushrooms and a few grape tomatoes thrown in for zest.

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