Saturday, September 29, 2012

It's a Damn Shame

Our Autumn is finally starting to show with a few trees beginning to turn and some leaves on the ground. It feels like fall now. Fall is actually the best look I think for Brooklyn. The rustling trees and the colors, lack of sun, semi-gothic feel all match the old buildings and cracked sidewalks, iron gates, old trees...everything works. It's like a movie set. I took a walk to take it in and had a good day but as soon as the evening started to roll in, I got that sundown kinda feeling.
I never eat at McDonald's even though there are two within two blocks. It would be more tempting if you could trust fast food in Brooklyn but they keep the spaces so desolate and cracked out looking that you quickly lose your appetite and know deep in your gut its gonna be bad AND leave you feeling weird from the hollow vibes rolling around in these places.
However, the Atlantic Center has an upbeat McD's that looks to run efficiently and has a very steady traffic flow. It's clean, it's hopping, all good signs. So I went in and ordered me up a quarter pounder meal with a side cheeseburger. I was excited like a little kid to run home and make me a little bed picnic.
Cold McDonald's is somewhat like looking forward to opening a gift at Christmas and getting socks. It just is such a bummer. It was a quick walk home, so it had to have been sitting there for awhile. The fries too?! It's a damn shame....a damn shame.

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