Monday, September 3, 2012

Change is Gonna Do Me Good

Another Ground Turkey sale at the PathMark. Now, we are a thin hamburger eatin' household and the traditions are set. Started with Momma J's amazing grilled burgers that I still have not mastered. But once in awhile you gotta mix it up girl. I made small thick stacked burgers with thick slices of onion, avocado and cheese topped with these huge whole wheat buns. And frozen Target fries for a side. I don't do well with change in regular life but for food, I'm all about it.
Ground turkey has a unique poultry flavor that can be enhanced with fun meat-stretching fillers. A few I've tried, green apple, onions, ginger, oatmeal, potato, corn, black beans, stuffing, Panko bread crumbs, eggs, herb blends, and the list is endless. And this makes for a rightfully thick patty with endless dinner idea possibilities.

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