Thursday, September 6, 2012

Been Dazed and Confused for So Long Its Not True

Me and P have this thing, maybe you do too. Where we live with something super annoying for months and months, sometimes years before doing anything about it. It makes our lives miserable yet we feel so helpless in changing it. A fog rolls in on our thought process. And the thing is that most times, the 'fix' is simple and cheap or takes less than 10 minutes. There are countless embarrassing examples of this and one that is currently going which is a curled carpet end right on our path. We both trip on it every day.

Anyway to focus on successes though, we have been living with this old electric coffee maker that looked like crap and turned on and off only when it felt like it, which wasn't often during the ending days. We replaced it with a stove-top percolator that we LOVE! Perfect hot coffee every time and you don't even need to heat your milk. We broke out of the fog one day and I'm not sure who thought of it but P went and actually bought it and now morning life has changed for the better!

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