Sunday, September 9, 2012

These Are a Few Of My Favorite Things

So now I'm a few days into P's time away. Food-wise I'm getting in my personal indulgences, like pulling out old favorite albums I haven't heard in a while. But I'm also trying to keep it semi-healthy and not go hog wild on the calories. Mod-er-a-tion. I hate that word.
P likes sparse nachos with just a smattering of cheese. I really love those too, as a matter of fact that is the way my folks served them at our restaurant growing up. A nice bubbling hot plate of chips, cheese and penos and a cup of warm fresh salsa side. That is a perfect taste combo. But I also can really get down with the taste of black beans, sour cream, cheese, pickled jalapenos, crisped up chorizo and pico de gallo, especially when it serves as a meal.

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