Monday, January 16, 2012

Suddenly the Wheels Are in Motion

Have you seen the Idaho potato commercials? The blond spokeswoman actually sounds and appears to me like she's made of potato matter. She makes me crave potatoes. Her voice is rough like she has dry potato dirt in her lungs. I dig her.

After seeing the commercial a few times I rushed out to grab a couple of potatoes and made baked potatoes with sour cream, dried tomatoes and dried jalapeno sprinkles, lots of salt and pepper. Simple but chocked full of flavor.

The main break through was the realization of how many different variations that you could do with this perfect base, the baked potato. Suddenly the floodgates opened with ideas and fun topping themes. I know its been done very well by the way, but mostly with high fat toppings. I think I'll finish out the winter with new lower cal inventions using heat and salsa, yogurt and chicken stock. And they're cheap too!

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