Tuesday, January 24, 2012

But in the Meantime Baby

All the post holiday humbug has left me a little uninspired food-wise. I am confident that ideas will return but in the meantime I'm relying on my little friends around the corner called #1 Chinese Restaurant.
I got one each of the Beef and Chicken Curry, a small boneless BBQ spare ribs and two egg rolls.

Its always scary when you create that one day suddenly the urge, the will, the ideas will all go away without warning. I recall back in the 80's my friend KK was constantly quoting Nina Hagen lyrics in my ear. This particular song comes to mind, Pollution Pirates. Isn't it funny how someone will beat words into your head so much that you don't even hear them? Today I stopped and read the lyrics to that song I'd heard every night. Its a great song!
I'll get my cook on again real soon.

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