Friday, January 6, 2012

Looking Back On the Track For a Little Green Bag

I love the color green. I love when I find nice fresh tomatillos and come home with my little green bag. I know I'll be able to make some fun. A vibrant green sauce like this roasted tomatillo salsa can add pep to so many dishes.

I took a $2 sandwich steak and made steak and eggs rancheros. The tart tomatillos and lime can cut through the heat of the serrano peppers. Its invigorating and a nice eye opener for breakfast!

Roasted Tomatillo Salsa

A bunch of firm tomatillos
serrano or jalapeno peppers (3-5)
(1) yellow onion
(3) cloves of garlic
big handful of cilantro
squeeze of lime juice & zest
1/3 cup water

Broil the tomatillos, onion slices, peppers until charred. Add to blender along with a bunch of cilantro, salt, garlic cloves, a big squeeze of lime and add the zest while you're at it, 1/3 cup of cold water. Finito!

Heating the sauce to pick up the leftover bits in the bottom of the steak pan doubles your pleasure. Then poaching the eggs on top of the heating salsa saves time and clean up plus the eggs also pick up some nice flavor.

Served this alongside whole pinto beans and brown rice with a nice cool fresh dollop of salsa.

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