Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I Need An Around The Way Girl

Let me tell you a tale about the dangers of having a pizza place on the corner of your street. Not Ray's Pizza in Fort Greene is like what they call an Around the Way Girl. Its right next door practically, the guys are super friendly. They have a lively atmosphere, feels like a little taste of real Brooklyn inside with history. I'd travel to it if I had to but I don't and that's the beauty of it. The pizza isn't the best you've ever had but its pretty damn good and certainly real NY pizza. They sell slices too, of all kinds. They sell a stuffed meat slice that makes you wanna kiss every person behind that counter...with your tongue! They're always busy so the pizza is fresh and never sits around long at all. It's affordable.
We ate this whole pie. A large sausage and mushroom pizza. That's kinda scary.New York takes its pizza seriously though. Did you ever see this great clip from Jon Stewart?
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