Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's Like Trying to Find Gold in a Silver Mine

I've been trying desperately to find a way to support my habit (and pay for groceries) while I search for my true niche in the food world. I'm baking cookies, brownies and cupcakes, finding new flavors in the hopes of selling a few here and there along the way. Possibly discovering an amazing treat that no one can live without.
Well, that is a tall order. I'm not a baker, what am I thinking? I'm a fly by the seat of my pants amateur cook at best. I am not precise. I don't even have an oven that can keep a temperature. So, these attempts may be in vein. However, I did make a white chocolate cookie that seemed to be a big hit wherever it landed. I'm not partial to white chocolate myself. Tastes like only sugar to me. But I had a coworker that had requested them, so I gave it shot.
I was kind of surprised at the affirmative reaction to these cookies. My focus that night was on this white chiffon cupcake. My intention was to make the most delicate and light cake and then have a decadent chocolate cream cheese frosting thick and luscious. One bite and everyone would make that face that you make when you taste the best desserts. The outcome was a lightweight sponge that was neither tasty nor fabulous. I did make a face but it wasn't good. What a waste of butter. The frosting was jammin' though! I'll keep plugging away. Maybe cookies are easy but I don't remember people going lady gaga over them before. So this was a step in the right direction.

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