Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's Ecstacy When Your Eggs are Next to Me

I like when a good picture really captures the essence of the dish. I send pics to my sister on email and she says its like food porn.

This is actually a pork steak. I dry rubbed it with my chipotle habanero powder and squeezed on some fresh orange juice. The room became toxic as soon as that steak hit the hot smoking pan. I about killed us both because the pepper doesn't allow you to breath when it smokes. But outside of the near death experience, it was kinda worth it. The juice caramelized on the top and the flavors of the rub became slightly sweet, lost most of their heat and just intensified the vim.

Dressed as he was, that steak was the perfect suitor for the lightly poached eggs with their milky white skin with hot yellow pillow-y yolks that flowed down like a river of molten lava onto its charred spiced meat.

Good Lord is it gettin' warm in here or am I just hungry?

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