Saturday, March 5, 2011

That's the One for Me

Days before grocery shopping the food remaining to work with is a bit of a mish-mash. It requires a bit of creativity. Today I had very little of that but some great Cuban bread to use. Just some deli meats and a browning avocado stood out. Thank goodness that bread was rockin' though, especially toasted. So good that I'll be using it again properly to recreate an Italian Grinder on another date. This time I layered the bread with meats, cheese, tomato, onion and a fried egg for good measure and because it was a brunch type meal. Not bad at all.

I'm naming this sandwich 'Homeboy', like the Poor Boy. It's like LL Cool J's 'around the way girl' song. It has things already in your fridge and its for a night when you want the familiar, nothing fancy but good & hearty. Something to satisfy.

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