Thursday, October 19, 2023

They Call Me the Working Man

Just when I thought the neighborhood was drying up, a new food truck emerged.  An authentic Mexican truck at that!  With carne asada platters for $11!  Freddy's.  One guy, a wife in the background at home buying, cutting and preparing all the meats and vegetables.  In this time when the local restaurants are trying to be so fancy, it is a blessing to get a taste of old New York. 

Food trucks are so much work, and it's hard to imagine anyone is able to pull this off each day.  Serving breakfast lunch and dinner, standing up in this tiny vehicle.  After thoroughly cleaning the truck at night, Freddy tells us he has to get his buddy to drive over and lift it up off the street.  Together they haul it to a garage too far away and then, he goes home and starts the whole process over again.  I don't know about these busloads coming in at once, but if anyone has any doubt that the Mexican immigrants that make their way to New York work their asses off, peak in at any business and see who is doing all the shit jobs, and that is who you will see, working harder than you and me. 

And on top of all of that, his food is absolutely delicious!!!  How lucky we are to be able to sit in the park and eat it on a bright, sunny day.  The neighborhood just stepped up it's game. 

Fort Greene Park looking luscious

The ugly menacing new skyscraper towering over Brooklyn

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