Saturday, October 21, 2023

Simply the Best!

Poached Eggs over tomato and bleu cheese on toasted sourdough slice
Breakfast is the happiest meal, although lunch is a close second.  How do I love breakfast? Let me count the ways.  It's fast.  It's easy.  It includes eggs and a salty meat, like ham, sausage or bacon.  Bacon....deserves a second mention.  Toast. Is there anything better than a toasty bread of your liking, slathered with a pad of butter?!  It's a serious question.  Silky yolk breaking onto its sponge-like host is unmatched.  Personally, I also love the variety.  But unlike supper, where you're committed to sides and whatnot, breakfast can be as simple as an egg or you can dress that girl up and lay her on a bed of deliciousness.  Bacon egg and cheese on a roll.  The perfect handheld breakfast!  A toasted Everything bagel with cream cheese onion and tomato.  We could live another hundred years and not do better.  Yep, I love breakfast!!!

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