Sunday, October 22, 2023

These Are the Days of our Lives

This may be the first pumpkin I ever carved and it was for a movie we shot leading up to Halloween.  I play another wife that gets murdered (insert suspicion of husband and brother-in-law that constantly write in death of wife in short films)

And this may have been the ten thousandth chicken I roasted in my lifetime. You live a while, you roast a lot of chickens, that's all I can tell ya.  Many will be succulent and delicious, others dry and uneventful.  Thus are the days of our lives.   Luckily, this was the former and I double carbed it with potatoes and rice.   
Took a walk around the neighborhood and was surprised to see how many flowers still existed at the end of October. 
Everything Bacon and egg bagel for breakfast

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