Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Don't Make a Bit of Difference, Don't Know Why it Should

Whether you make them correctly or just throw them in a roaster and do a quick fill, stuffed peppers never disappoint.  I saved time by not chopping but roasting seasoned small tomatoes alongside because they taste so good with the peppers.  This way, you could have a bite with the peppers or your salad greens.  I had string cheese sticks, so I scissor cut them on top in the last minutes.  Quick easy and highly satisfying.
In your lifetime you will make so many meals, most you won't remember and the only thing that is important is that you enjoy it while you're actually eating it.  And for that reason, sometimes the speed of prep time might take precedence over proper procedure.  There is also a deep satisfaction in knowing you achieved deep flavor in a smaller amount of time. 

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