Friday, October 6, 2023

Riding High in April, Shot Down in May

This is a sad story of the time when I made a sheet pan of delicious shrimp and pepper nachos.  I had guac and freshly made hot sauce and it was to be a snacky dinner, my favorite.  Everything was set and after a bite of the first chip, we both noticed a very bitter chemical taste that was off-putting and could not be ignored and believe me, I tried because I wanted these so badly.  Without telling each other, we both drowned the second bite in hot sauce before giving in and admitting that something was horribly wrong. 
The chips that we just purchased had gone stale.  So stale that they tasted like gasoline.  The larger problem is that our amazing corner store has been hit so hard by the overwhelming success of the fresher market across the street, Mr Mango that they have fallen behind on everything, including looking after decayed products.  The day before, we also purchased an expired something or other.  It's sad because in New York you see people riding high but due to the competition, can be taken down at any time. It took some years but Mango, the ultra popular fresh market is cheaper, fresher and has more products.  And now my corner store has cooties in my head because they sacked me twice and ruined what should have been an absolutely delicious plate of shrimp nachos.  The End. 

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