Monday, October 2, 2023

But Not a Word I Heard Could I Relate

BBQ Oven Pork Chop w Barley

A mound of fresh sauteed green beans with soy, sesame oil and garlic served as a more than worthy side.  I choose to fight ignorant battles with food.  If I would just take the time to read how to properly cook basic things, it would save me so much time.  Yet, I'm stubborn, slightly daft and slow to learn.  But in my defense, I enjoy the process of figuring things out in the kitchen.  This means, I've both over and under cooked my green beans many times because I'm also forgetful. 
I spent an inappropriate amount of time making funny videos for my great nieces with these stuffed animals before we opened but then erased them all because I decided they were not for public consumption.  There is a line between quirky and psychotic and I'm afraid I crossed that line.

Somedays, nothing comes out right.  I was trying to capture the moon, visible in the daytime sky and how it seems almost magical up there staring down at us.  It absolutely has a presence, like a giant eyeball relaying reassurance telepathically. 

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