Sunday, June 11, 2023

Je Taime...Moi Non Plus

No Carb Burger Bun
I'm big on lettuce burgers but once in a while, you gotta have that extra bite of a bread-like substance.  These no carb mini tortillas were a delicious problem solver.  Toast them on the grill to get slightly crisped and after adding all of your toppings, smash them down to make it easier to handle. 

If everything were this simple. Problems solved with a tortilla purchase.  We as humans, genuinely desire to help with problems of others, I believe.  In retail it's not always easy but it's our job.  I struggled with a young girl today in a kitchen planning appointment who wanted to add an island to her existing small kitchen and also add a power outlet to that island.  She didn't have the dimensions of her room, nor know the space between the cabinets, however she was certain everything would fit, but wanted me to verify.  No one ever wants to hear that they have to go back and measure, so I've gotten used to expressing the importance with a detailed concern-sounding statement while simultaneously writing the same in notes to cover my arse.   This didn't end well.  She walked out in a huff.  She was immediately annoyed that I couldn't work in centimeters, thus the nightmare began.  I have previously shared my struggle with the French, something that brings me slight shame.  For whatever reason, and believe me, I'm always trying, it often ends with them yelling. I had no prior experience or prejudices before this job, I assure you.   I've experimented with my demeanor, methods, talking points but so far, have not had much progress.  In this instance, legally, I can't talk code, and stressed she must consult with an electrician.  If I had the ability to add an electric outlet to an island, do you think I'd be sitting here in some retail store taking crap from you, kid?  I didn't say this, but there is always an inner dialogue.  She kept insisting I give her a way to install power from the floor into the cabinet and to ensure the fit.  In this case, I was in the right.  In this instance, and this isn't always the case, I was not rude back.  I smiled when she deep sighed at me, frustrated at my answers.  I listened when she said all of my suggestions were not adequate.  I said to try to enjoy her night when she stormed off, barked at me to print out her drawing so she could go, that obviously I could not help her.   Still, it haunts me a little.  No one wins when it ends like this and it bothers me that I have such a bad track record with this particular group.  

Disclaimer:  Owning my part. The French issue is lost on me but I admit I have slight prejudice, that I'm working on, with privileged college-age kids in New York who have retained whole apartments most likely through no effort of their own.  Owning property in New York is such a privilege, one that it would be impossible to truly appreciate at this age.  I was an idiot at that age and if anyone should have understanding of unfledged behavior it should be me.  I hope to be more of a guide going forward than a judgemental Karen. 

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