Thursday, June 1, 2023

It'll Be Better than Before

Roasted Toasted Quinoa Salad
I read that a lot of people feel as I do, quinoa needs a makeover (and a price reduction).  Someone brilliant roasted it and it's nutty and crunchy and so much better than before.  I tried it in this herby corn and green bean salad with roasted chicken and it was a perfect summertime side that eats like a meal for lunch the next day.  Some recipes still boil it first but that is unnecessary. 8 minutes in the oven with one toss and it's good to go.  Like anything, giving it a light season just out of the oven is helpful.

Fresh green beans, summer corn, tomatoes & parsley went into this salad along with green onions and the lightest dressing of rice wine vinegar, sesame oil, s&p and a drizzle of soy sauce. 

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