Sunday, June 4, 2023

I Can't Give Anymore

Warm Roasted Potato Salad & Stewed Chicken
Simply stewing chicken in a homemade hot sauce mellows the flavors and reduces the heat to a distant smokey, complex flavor burst.  The meat falls off the bone.  I love all chicken prep but my favorite is when it gives up all of its meat with zero effort.   
The potato salad was an afterthought but a very pleasant one.  I roasted the potatoes but afterwards, wanted something creamier.  I added yogurt, boiled eggs, green onions, pickles and parsley along with pickle juice on the warmed potatoes.  So good!
I love a pot on the stove, stewing away.  It only requires browning the chicken first after a dip in seasoned flour, draining some of the oil before adding the hot sauce with some extra broth (add garlic and herbs if you're feeling extra sexy). Cover the pot and simmer until you desire. Or finish in the crock pot in summer.

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