Saturday, June 17, 2023

Hot in the City Tonight

Pork Green Chile Stew

Pork, potatoes and hominy in a stew with green chiles?  Sign me up!  This stew is directly up my alley and it was as good as expected.   I didn't have tapioca but used flour to thicken the broth and a few tablespoons of fine corn meal instead.  This is such a great alternative to pozole.  I used ground as well as chunked pork.  

Admittedly, a bowl of hot soup in summer is not for everyone.  However, some of us enjoy a nice sweaty, work out.  This reminds me of sitting upstairs in a barely air conditioned, too well lit room of a Japanese noodle shop, on these terribly uncomfortable wooden chairs in Times Square with the buyers from Virgin Megastore years ago, slurping down the hottest broth and noodles, sweating my ass off not one bit concerned because the udon soup was that good.  Sometimes you put in the effort if the food is worth it and this soup does it for me.

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