Monday, June 12, 2023

Forget the Rules, Idiots Rule

You could call this a taco sandwich or a ham and cheese wrap. I like the term fold-over.  I think I was over 30 when I realized any food between pieces of some type of bread or tortilla is possible.  Maybe it was the era I grew up in, which was a time of recipes and specific ingredients in order to make named dishes.  People weren't so willy-nilly with creativity.  There were rules! You made a grilled cheese one way and only diners could get fancy and add tomatoes and bacon.  The taco was filled with Mexican meats and cheese.  This above would have never flown back then.  
However, I do recall, my dad, when hungover would throw a flour tortilla directly on the gas stove flame, and on another burner he would spicket a weiner with a fork also, directly on the flame, turning and flipping like at a campfire until they were both charred and then he'd wrap up the bundle like a baby and I don't know if there is anything better to this day.  That was one of my first memories of understanding that food has some rules but like all of life, those rules are only there to guide, not to limit.  

It already is but will become more of a trend for cooking as supply issues and drought, limited resources become the norm, cooks will need to work with what they have to create new ideas. 

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