Monday, September 5, 2022

Whatever Happened to all this Season's Losers of the Year?

P's Kielbasa Sandwich
P made these delicious kielbasa sandwiches on toasted rye bread with chips and watermelon.  I wasn't feeling great, another round of flu storms, as I've learned to call them.  A few days too many of waking up feeling like I have COVID again.  Major eye pain, body aches and stiffness, sore throat and general weakness. Then it stops, but another round of oddities happen the next day, like charlie horses in my legs and my voice goes out, chest pains, and shortness of breath.  I think they will find out these are reoccurring remnants of the Alpha COVID virus and the long-haul lasts much longer than anyone had anticipated. It doesn't matter, it happens but always goes away, which I can live with.  My coworker thinks I should be able to go on disability but our thinking is that you have to trick yourself into believing the virus can't still control you or that's exactly what it will keep doing. 

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