Thursday, September 22, 2022

My Own Little Nasty World

Lantern flies all over the dang pier in back of work. They only look cool when they spread their wings and you see their polka dots along with the brilliant red colors. But the government says to squash them on site.  I took some time and stomped on about 6 before I felt sick in my gut.  Aren't they killing all the trees or spreading disease or something?  I couldn't even remember why they're so awful.  Rats are germ spreaders but I would never kill one in the wild.  I went inside and reasoned with myself as to why I just felt it necessary to take 6 innocent lives. 
Another renovation project along the Gowanus Canal
A quick Ground Turkey Puttanesca Sauce over linguine noodles.  Puttanesca, meaning, in the style of the prostitute.  If that translates to pungent, spicy and bold, then hand your money to the pimp and give this gal a whirl, because she's worth it.  Any excuse to use anchovies, garlic, red pepper flakes, olives and capers, I am down for it.  It's my dream sauce but I add ground turkey for the texture it brings.  And turkey doesn't impart it's own flavors, only absorbs the sauce, which makes it a great meat for this.  Try this recipe for this slutty pantry pasta! 

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