Sunday, September 18, 2022

I'm a Hot Girl, I Do Hot Shit

After a morning walk and another treat of a Mom's Migas breakfast from King David's Tacos at Blank Street coffee, we noticed preparation for a major grand opening celebration.  The Slutty Vegan had closed up the entire block of Fulton, a major thoroughfare and had dressed tables, a kiddie bouncy house, DJs, press tents, and a NYPD presence along with a street-wide sized sign.  This was set to be a major affair.  A long line had formed starting very early and it became clear that this was not the owner, Pinky Cole's, first rodeo.  After researching, this was her 7th opening, already having much success in Atlanta and she is set to open 20 more locations by 2023 years end. 

She went into the old Broccoli Bar location.  This has been several restaurants over the last 10 years, including Not Ray's pizza who finally moved two doors down.

Chicken and Potatoes braised in pickled jalapenos
A few yards away, in my tiny kitchen, I was doing some experimenting of my own.  This will become a great dish invention the next time around.  As I've shared, its fun to Mexican-ize recipes, replacing ingredients to theme them differently.  As is the case with this developmental Mexican take on Chicken Scarpariello from Sip and Feast. I used jarred pickled jalapenos instead of Cherry Peppers, along with the brine liquid.  In my next trial, I will replace the sweet Italian sausage with Chorizo.  The variety of peppers will come from the Southern border and the flat leaf parsley replaced with cilantro.  Already, this was divine in it's original form.  Braising in the hot garlicky, vinegar liquid creates a sassy punch that transforms everyday chicken into something special. 

P at the opening ceremonies posing with all the hotties. Hilarious!

I'm sure Ms. Cole has also put her own incredible sass on her creations and I cannot wait to try them based on the online menu pictures.  Great ideas like this do not happen every day and her commitment to introducing vegan food is done with such flare and what looks like massive flavor washing, how could it fail?  I'm not sure I'd call it healthy, but she made Vegan food a thousand times more appealing for starters. She's bold and single-handedly and unapologetically, sexualized the vegan burger.  That in itself is a major feat. 
picture courtesy of Eater

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