Friday, September 23, 2022

In Heaven, Everything is Fine

When P goes away, I run straight to the lab, which is my kitchen to invent the next world-class pasta dish or at least a new one.  This time, taking liberties with the famous Carbonara recipe, that combines egg, Parmesan, Panchetta or Guanciale and lots of black pepper.  My idea used sweet Italian sausage, red pepper flakes, garlic and spinach, and the usual eggs and Parm. Simple perfection is not an easy feat.  This was good, but not spotless, like the original.  Maybe mushrooms could replace the spinach, which proved too slimy a texture after the egg mixture. Flavor-wise it was missing just one element that would give it that faultless cream-like silkiness. I will go back to the test kitchen and attempt again in hopes of finding the missing link.   
As we all follow the new crime waves in our towns, you have to wonder what exactly is the reason for all of these incredibly random, individual, specifically morbid acts of violence?  What are we missing in recognizing the possible cause of this sudden influx of social terrorism.  

If I was a better writer I might spin a tale of the government using our homeless, mentally ill and destitute population to breed fear into everyone. All these faceless nobodies that we can't trace and no one seems to ever do follow up stories on. Coupled with the pandemic, and our growing internet addiction, naturally we will feel less safe leaving our homes, nor will we want to.  Look how much changed in just two short years. 

I would write in an elite run psychological conspiracy plot to dumb us down to the point where all media becomes fake, the world wide web is replaced with propaganda and our incomes become so low that only the 1% can survive without complete reliance on the government, who is also a pawn for the aristocracy.  In the meantime those holding all the power will develop robots using black ops money to replace 99% of the workforce before they implement permanent Marshall law.  I'm still working out how they will eventually try to wipe us out entirely or if they'll need to harvest our organs first.  I bet this movie has been written.  

I would like to somehow include an alien presence but instead of a doomsday ending, I would create a mass consciousness shift of all the most repressed, where despite having nothing they realize they are already everything and lack absolutely nothing to live free in a new way, in a new dimension.  The evil ones who chose to remain in the material world will find not one morsel of joy to feast upon or buy, yet will be unable to die, as they developed endless life by artificial means to their own detriment.  Doomed to remain sentient robots basically until the end of time.   This will become hell on earth.  Did I mention there will be heavenly food in the new dimension.  Real tasty stuff! 

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