Thursday, September 8, 2022

I Want to Celebrate, See it Shinin' in Your Eye

The giant Harvest moon greeted me at the light on my ride home from work and suddenly I understood why I felt so energized and filled with light.  The orange globe stayed in view the entire way back.  I kept seeking him out to absorb all his moon-y goodness.  I can't explain why the moon affects me so strongly but I'll try to describe how it does.  My blood feels like it got a transfusion of every single vitamin and mineral it craved. Every cell bursts awake and I can feel thousands of organisms making the body work, individually and simultaneously.  I know that's impossible, yet its also a true description.  I become highly alert, my senses are more keen, my eyesight is sharper, reaction time is quicker and I'm fairly strong, like I could kick some ass.  I feel elated, almost to the tipping point.  
It doesn't always work this way.  Sometimes it's overwhelming and I want to crawl out of my skin. My muscles ache the way I imagine cranky babies must feel inside as they grow.  My heart races and anxious is all I feel.  My mind fills up with bad thoughts and I worry my temper will flair and I might accidentally whack my husband with a frying pan over the head for leaving the sink dirty or not wiping down the stove.

I love to be this awake but just like stimulant drugs, I don't think you could go too long without having a heart attack.  I am usually relieved the next morning to feel normal again.  But before it goes away, I love to dance around at night and howl and laugh because after all these years, I'm still in love with that moon.  
 That night I made bok choy with mushrooms and roasted turkey meatballs with grape tomatoes on a sheet pan.  The leftovers would be paired with farro the next day for a lunch meal.

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