Sunday, October 31, 2021

Madness Takes It's Toll

Overnight Oats
This would have been ideal for summer, cold oat cereal all softened up and sweetened for you overnight in the fridge.  It's still amazing in the fall but as the cold comes in, a hot bowl of cinnamon-y fragrant oats pull double duty in warming and feeding you, giving you that belly hug that tells you there is still love in the world.  You could wake up and heat this, but without a microwave, that would take all the ease out of things.  Oats, banana, yogurt, almond milk, honey, and then whatever you'd like to add, stirred up in a jar.  What a wonderful idea.  When I heard 'overnight oats' in the past, I figured they meant crock pot steel cut oats but this is made for folks that need to grab breakfast and run.  If you were smart, you'd make a few of them in a row. 
I added cocoa powder and dry roasted peanuts to this one,
and banana, raisins and nuts to this. *tip, less yogurt is better, because 1/2 cup tastes too sour.

Every Halloween I get so excited to document all the creativity around the neighborhoods but this year it was slim pickins'.  Not sure if that is pandemic related.  Across the street each floor featured a pumpkin on their ledge and I wondered if it was coincidental or they actually spoke about it. 
This yard was basically Halloween in one shot.  The great pumpkin patch of Clinton Hill.  
I think this year was scary enough, that the need for spooky displays was less necessary.  No one wants to conjure spooky figures. Families had their share of the morose.  We've probably been here for some time but also considering that we're at a place where kids walking at night, knocking on doors and trusting the candy coming out of even businesses, feels like a fading memory.  It'll never be and never was a perfect world, but we're like the kid in the movie, in a stolen Halloween costume, gun in hand, trying to figure out who is the real boogeyman.  

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