Monday, October 4, 2021

The Loving was Easy, It's the Living that's Hard

Nothing says lazy then some kind of burger with an egg on top.  That is to say, I make burgers when I'm out of ideas.  Using ground turkey, chicken or beef, at least I usually mix in beans or grains, along with vegetables to stretch the meat and also to get in more fiber.  
I served this on a bed or spicy, spinach and cherry tomatoes.   This will not change the world, but what I will tell you is that the creamy egg yolk dripping down onto that baked patty is better than you'd expect.
As is spinach cooked with garlic, olive oil, hot pepper flakes and tomatoes along with a squirt of lemon.  Eating during what I'm calling pre-Apocalyptic times needs to change a bit.  Gone are the days of Willy-Nilly cooking.  We aren't here to feed our faces with extravagant meals, everyday.  The game has become slightly more serious and mindful.  Less meat, more vegetables, hardly any processed anything, unless you're celebrating or too sick to function.  

Finding organic produce in good shape for a reasonable price at the peak of freshness is a little more challenging as well.  I shop first at the corner produce market and then figure on what to make.  The hard part for me is to deny my desires and cravings and opt for the practical, cheaper choices.  And isn't that how it feels to get a bit older?  Constantly denying your old, aging self bits of the fun stuff that was plentiful during your youth and replacing it with more sensical but sometimes spiritually disappointing choices?

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