Tuesday, October 12, 2021

You Can't Make Your Heart Feel Something It Won't

Curried Roasted Vegetables over Rice

Chayote Squash right?  You've seen it, been curious, maybe had some success with it?  I've wanted to try especially since it provides so many nutrients and is a great replacement for carbs.  I love most squash, although come to find Chayote is not really a squash, it's a fruit. Okay, see this is what keeps us away from these elusive, weird vegetables.  Say what you are, don't try to confuse us.  It's hard enough to be adventurous with vegetables.   But when it's staring at ya in the produce aisle all firm and fresh, with a per pound price that seems more than reasonable, it's time to try it.  I found an easy spice mix recipe and roasted it along with the regular players.   
Did not love it.  That's just me being honest, as my sister likes to say.  The texture was a little odd, maybe what I'd expect a cucumber to taste like if you roasted it, which you wouldn't, because that just wouldn't be good and you're not one to do ignorant things, usually.  P picked out all the pieces and ate around it and then tried to chuck it in the garbage before I saw, but of course I was on alert, awaiting to learn his reaction.  I ate it, hoping I could love it but didn't. 

Next time I will try it fresh, julienne it in a salad.  Perhaps like Jicama though and many things, the idea of it is much better than the actual experience.

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