Wednesday, October 27, 2021

You Belong Somewhere You Feel Free

Black Bean turkey burger wraps with Buffalo Cauliflower
Baked turkey burgers with black beans that looked like chocolate chip cookies on the baking sheet.   But the real treat here was this Roasted Buffalo Cauliflower.  Another day, I would have definitely finished this off with some crumbled, softened, bleu cheese and chopped celery for garnish, not that it was needed.  In fact, another couple of minutes under the broiler to finish would have brought it over the top.  I always passed this recipe up thinking, how good could it be?  And then I opted for this lower carb version, to skip any flour coating.  Best choice!  Cauliflower, roasted anyway, is always so much better than you expect it to be.
I often expect my days off to be so rewarding, joy filled, especially after a multi workday run.  Why would we assume life would miraculously get better just because we don't have to work?  I mean, it's partially true.  Life does improves by at least 34% on average on days off.  It's the other 66 percent that ends up being the wild card.  Added pressure to make it great, doesn't help.  There is a ton of nervous energy or staring into space for hours,  the processing wheel endlessly spinning and you can't get anything off the ground, or the couch.  A plan of action is helpful but who wants rules or lists during a time when freedom should reign?  
Some days you have to wait it out, hope something comes along, an idea develops, a happening happens.  And many times it does but other days you make due with small accomplishments like this tangy, roasted white vegetable and burgers you can joke look like cookies. 

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