Wednesday, October 13, 2021

What a Beautiful Time We Had Together

Sister in her element
Some people just know where they want to be and from the time we were teeny tiny, my sister knew she wanted to be by the mountains, in nature and that is where she thrives.  Being in her world is like taking peaks inside her enchanted spirit.  

It's a culinary trip as much as it is a relaxing spa resort.  I have my own sweet room with candles and warm throws, my own bathroom, fuzzy robe, teas and assorted gifts to make me more comfortable.  Each day the only problem to be resolved is what amazing food to eat.  In texts, she speaks of her Taco Bell boxes she gets on her way home from Pueblo, so that was my first request. You really can't trust fast food in New York, and it was late so from the airport, we raced to the Bell for the boxes I had envisioned in my head, chocked full of snacks.
But fate threw us a curve ball.  The employee wasn't living mas and she definitely was not having any of us two giggling girls bumbling through their order at the drive thru.  After sufficient amounts of extras were ordered, we proceeded to get our loot handed to us by one grouchy Gus-ina.  When we got safely to her house we found, the mean girl had given us 3 orders of nachos, no boxes to be found.  I had passed by all the amazing Denver airport eateries earlier and that little weasel robbed me of my grande moment.  But we had a great laugh and in the end, we knew this was the beginning of a food marathon so it was best to pace ourselves anyway.
The next morning I made an easy breakfast of poached eggs over toast with avocado and bacon.  I knew I was in the right place when sis did not flinch when I added stuffed Jalapeno olives to my plate.
Like the years before, we split orders of Stromboli and Calzone from Victorios with a side of the best meat sauce!  We took to calling me Shleprock because bad luck seems to follow me.  After an hour, we realized the delivery was late, come to find out the new girl lost our order entirely, nothing was made and nothing was on it's way.  They said they would not charge us for something or other, but when a girl with giant tah tahs showed up at the door in the freezing cold with a shirt cut down to her navel, bending over while apologizing, but still asking for the full amount, I tipped her anyway because she probably thought we were going to be guys, and had brought out their girls for good measure.  Bless her heart. 

Instead we got free Canolli that were pretty dreamy even the next morning. 
Another morning breakfast featuring her home grown potatoes, onions as well as bell peppers for this quick turkey chorizo hash with poached eggs.  Sitting at her sunny table felt like I was at a Country Bed and Breakfast. 
Sister took the cooking reins this day making this amazing Chicken Mole featuring a paste she bought on Amazon, over cilantro rice that you can barely see.  Rich goodness, followed by scary movies and beaching ourselves on the couch like tiny whales. 
Before a hike in the San Isabel National Forest, we ate the best Subway Sandwich I think I've ever had while sitting in the car at the trail head, listening to the incoming wind sounding like a freight train. 

Have I mentioned I'm deathly scared of bears?  This fresh track spotted during the hike. Shotgun Sally always forgets her gun when we go on these excursions.

This was the end of the road for us, our logic being if we DID see a bear, could we run across these boulders with any speed and the answer was no.

The cutest lady!

She's all that in a bucket hat!
Green Chile Slopper 
Worried that I wouldn't get something smothered in the area's famous sauce, on burger night, I ordered mine as a Slopper and was not disappointed even though I had to eat it with a knife and fork and only found the lettuce under the wax paper afterwards.  The sauce is made from Colorado Hatch Green Chiles in a pork gravy that basically sings or makes you wanna. 
Another night was beauty face masks and take out Spaghetti and meatballs, discussing life while our hair was treated to overnight conditioning treatments!  A full moon accompanied us again this year and I couldn't take my eyes off it. 
Sister treated us to a Feta egg scramble and toast the next day before our 5 mile walk around the lake that lives down the street, like an oasis.  Great fuel for 4 laps around this gleaming waterway filled with geese and a delicious view of the surrounding mountains.  

and on the other side, vast high desert as far as the eye can see.   Its quite humbling.

My absolute favorite dinner was the night sis grilled rib eye steaks to perfection. I tear up just thinking of that crispy fat on the edges.  I sliced her ginormous home grown zucchinis in half and filled them with tomatoes, onions, bread crumbs, Feta and garlic and roasted in oven.  The size was ridiculous as you can see, a slice was bigger than that steak. 
Another cool story:  Because the full moon energy was abound, after our hike, we drove up further and explored Bishop's Castle, as well as took some laps around Lake Isabel.  Apparently we were trying to get it all in, as our days were numbered. We were in the gift shop chatting and giggling when some mystical creature passed me and it felt as if a warm breeze had gone through my entire body, no lie.  I looked up and smiled at this young American Indian guy, dressed all in black, and as I inhaled, he passed and I only remember seeing his boots that had scarves around them or something like Keith Richards would wear.  I wondered if he was part of the film crew we passed on the way in.  It happened so quickly and I was going to keep that little flurry encounter to myself but when I went to pay for my souvenir rock necklace, the lady at the counter told me, my purchase was already handled by the gentleman.  The gentleman??? My sister ran up and was more shocked than me.  That Indian guy? she says to the shop owner?  I say, but why??!! And the lady just smiled and I immediately began crying because honestly, no one has noticed me since I don't know when and I didn't even get a good look at him.  Overshadowing that, was the pulse that happened as he passed by that stayed with me for days, like a sunbeam in my heart.  I've been studying on angels and would not doubt it one bit to find out he was one.  Many other angels came in the form of spirit animals on that trip.  Little dogs that I could not resist introducing myself to along our walks, which is not normal for me at all.  One named Webster that was just as excited to see me as he rushed to greet me as if we were old friends, and somehow I felt the same.  A familiarity that was undeniable.  The whole area is magical. 

We joked later that I should have picked out something more expensive.  That lamp was $249.  

I hate leaving my sister. it feels like someone yanking chunks of my heart out.  Somehow I got myself on that puddle jumper to Denver and in my two hour layover sat myself down and had a Chicken Basil Club and cried.  I sent sister a pic and thus began our constant texting communication again. 


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