Saturday, April 24, 2021

They're Marching to (Vaccine) Day

Written on Thursday, 5/14/21
We live in a restrictive time in an ultra liberal city but also in a borough that is very diverse, which can fluctuate consensus.  Still, it's not easy to openly discuss honest concerns that may be construed as questioning the party line in regards to the topic that everyone is sick of, the virus.  I confess, the vaccine makes me a little nervous but the virus scares me even more.  I am uneasy with some of the science and information we're being fed.  I was one of those that wanted to wait until many more folks were vaccinated before I went in and got the shot.  But because I work in a super crowded retail environment, and fear the variants, I still agree, it is my best option.  I have no doubt the virus is real, but would not be at all surprised if the virus was mistakenly leaked from the nearby lab where they were creating super viruses in order to later combat what's coming down the pike, because that is EXACTLY what the virus feels like, a smart, man made intruder.  I don't want to be mistaken for one of those conspiracy kooks but I would hope there is still room in this world for questions, especially when it does not come from any racially or politically charged notion.  
For example, my work place.  The masked 6 foot rule is what the whole prevention plan was built around, and the cleaning of surfaces.  By the way, the latter proved to be impossible, bordering ridiculous by day 2 of reopening.  Now months in, we're being told 6ft or 60ft, makes no difference and surface transmission was always unlikely.  Oh, reaaaallllly?!  They go on to say, if you're inside without proper ventilation, those particles will most likely find you eventually, even hours after an infected person passes.  This now, from the CDC, but Infectious Disease experts were telling us that over a year ago.  Michael Osterholm, for one, who I used to listen to late nights, lecturing on coming contagions.   That made so much sense to me, and these were reputable studies.  But instead, I went along with the approved science of the moment and got my ass handed to me twice by COVID.   I fully believe this was all due to being in a poorly ventilated, super crowded retail space, always dodging and waltzing to meet the 6 foot distance, mind you.  And the silly temperature checks!  Although, sure it's one one way to safeguard, it's certainly not effective in so many cases.  (We know dis), yet, it is the approved order we continue to follow in my workplace and in restaurants.  

Also let's be honest, there were some fairly questionable laws put in place, when everyone was running scared here in the city.  I'm willing to chalk most up to folks doing their best in difficult times (except for the criminal behavior).  My fear of the vaccine comes from doubt that my own body is able to handle foreign intruders so soon, and I didn't see enough research on people who had the virus.  I'm in complete awe of the technological strides made to get us all vaccinated in such a short time but I don't agree to blindly follow the guidelines without questioning conflicting messages.  At some point you have to gauge your own body and environment.  Today (5/13/21) as they just announced masks can come off, it becomes even more true that we need to do what is right for our own individual situation, period. 

Last night, a large heavy breathing, man that resembled Joe Viterelli came in with his wife and kept pulling down his mask to talk.  One of those folks that spits their words out, unintentionally.  My coworker, who has virus anxiety, interrupted us twice to tell him to pull up his mask.  She walked away and he looks at me and says, I don't have to do shit!  So in trying to defuse the awkwardness I say, Well, as long as you're vaccinated, but as I go on to explain I've only had my 1st shot,  he cuts me off to say, in no uncertain terms, Fuck. The. Vaccine. Period.  I haven't got it and I ain't gittin' it. And as I watched the miniscule ball of spit fly through the air in slow motion from the P in period,  my body retracted.  In that one moment I realized, This is what we will face now in retail,  Just hours after the announcement was made, it has begun.  

I'm happy about the news, just confused.  I think we could have all used some time to process and ask final questions.  Maybe they could have set a date, like Monday, to begin so the states could have conferences and make clear what it all means.  Based on the fact that NYC has increased cases from at least 5 variants that are known to be more contagious and cause more serious illness, (3745 cases on 5/4/21 up from 4/28 by almost a thousand!), and all of these groups that are anti-vaccers will abuse the rule (we know dis), I still have lingering concerns.   
Anyway, last month I got my first shot on a gorgeous day in Brooklyn.  I had no issues.  But the bike ride there I kept hearing the lyrics to Bastille Day by Rush in my head, the guillotine will claim her bloody prize!! 

4/24/21 - The look of slight reluctance, inside Rite Aid waiting to be called

Breakfast afterwards at Verde on Smith -P's Italian Omelet

My Greek Omelet - perfect amount of everything and well seasoned.

Assorted Brooklyn Spring loveliness

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