Friday, April 2, 2021

You Know You Shook Me Baby

I guess it's as good a time as any to declare Sheet Pan-demic Dinner month! Actually, March would be better because turning on the oven doubles as a heater.  I advanced to pre-seasoning in a large bowl in order to properly coat each party member in all the spices, oil, herbs and acid.  Get your hands in there and really mix it in, shake it up and down.   But you can certainly do this on the sheet pan to save clean up, it's just easier and more thorough.  This time I prepared buddies for a festive brown rice bowl, with chicken, red bell pepper, mushroom and my beloved Chickpeas.  This is also an excellent idea for a packed lunch meal.  You know if you were smart enough to buy a microwaveable bowl ahead of time instead of taking it in a glass jar that everyone who owns an appliance knows will blow up in said machine.  But no one told this girl who is a stranger to the world of the microwave.  

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