Tuesday, April 27, 2021

I've Seen the Saucers, So Many Times I'm Almost in Tune

I used to make these spicy, sticky chicken wings that slid right off the bone for holidays and parties.  Honey, soy sauce, garlic, ginger, lemon, chili garlic, & tomato paste and sesame oil.  I recreated with drumsticks for dinner and they were better than I remembered. I small chopped potatoes and spinach for a side that unfortunately, will not change the world, visually anyway. 
Unlike the upcoming, highly anticipated UFO report due out in June to Congress, that will change my world at least.  I've been over the moon in nerd-filled excitement, like a dog at the door jumping around waiting for it's owner to appear.  If you live under a rock and have not heard, there was a provision in that ginormous COVID bill passed that we would finally get a proper investigation into aerial phenomenon. I don't believe they will reveal anything huge to the public, but something will leak, someone will throw us a bone to chew on.  At least this will force journalists to cover it with some legitimacy.  Maybe we'll get a video that isn't just a grainy dot but clear, close ups of incredible crafts, because that footage does exist, per many of our trustable servicemen that made sure to carefully document their experiences.  
I've been forced to watch Tucker Carlson clips because at least he's covering this fascinating topic without one silly little green man reference.  Wipe that cute smirk off your face Obama, I'm talking to you!  60 minutes did an okay job and it was good to hear a woman's account on the CBS segment.  Ryan Graves, a Navy pilot reports he saw UAF 'every day for a couple of years' over his base!   But I'm ready for some real meat on this subject.  That incredible Nimitz story is from 2004 so it's shameful that we're just addressing it seriously in the public now because it goes way deep.  I recall how their crews were seeing objects fly in and out of the water and dipping down from 80,000 feet in seconds for two weeks!  Lawdy!  

No matter what you believe, trustworthy military have been on record professing sightings that they cannot explain, that defy all laws of physics and the US has sat on these stories for too many years.  In no universe could I imagine our Intelligence community ignoring crafts hovering daily over secured airspace.  To me, that says whatever they do reveal to us, they know so much more.  So it's a mystery, it's a compelling thriller, sort of a dark comedy in ways.  It's got everything including fun characters and it's just what the doctor ordered for 2021 and this girl for one could not be more thrilled. 
I think people are much more open to new possibilities now.  If it's the case, we can at least acknowledge we can't explain what we're seeing, and that what we're seeing is phenomenal and by no means a DRONE.   
My pal always jokes, "When are the UFOs going to come and pick us up already." Because a lot of us feel although we'll always have a deep love for humans, there is a pull to return back to our real home.


Just nod if you can hear me. Is there anyone at home?