Monday, April 19, 2021

But I Digress, At Least I Tried My Best, I Guess

Soy Chorizo Lettuce Breakfast Tacos
Soy Chorizo and scrambled eggs with the smallest chunks of potato wrapped in a lettuce taco is a clean, immensely satisfying breakfast.  I'm using my stainless steel taco holders that can also be put in the oven to form baked tortilla shells!  I've needed this in my life forever but within 2 minutes of a Google search was able to bring joy into my life for just $9.99!  
The small things I have lived with with forEVER that I could change or improve with the tiniest bit of effort, but don't, are mind boggling!  I'm picking one each week and challenging myself to stop the madness.  This will include small things like, purchasing that one stupid item I need from Amazon but never take the time to order.  For example, a bike bell, popcorn salt, sandwich bags, Smoked Paprika.  Of all the weird things that the COVID-19 virus did to my brain, one positive improvement was to put logic back into alignment, making small tasks feasible where before they seemed impossible.  I could never wrap my mind around solutions to the smallest of issues.  Even ongoing chores would overwhelm me, like something as simple as watering the plants. Now it happens without stress.  

COVID affects your brain.  I go to type a word now and oftentimes the letters will be severely jumbled.  Or I will type an entirely different word than intended.  That's happened since I returned to work.  I can fix it straight away but there is no denying it's a thing.  There are other new challenges post virus, but perhaps there are some bonuses in the package. 

Because I use them daily, I have to handwash my masks each week and that used to make me angry.  Now it's a calming practice that I don't dread.  Making the bed, making coffee for the next morning, painting my fingernails, washing my hair.  There are dozens of things we do on repeat, for years and they've always been tiresome and I resented doing them.  Suddenly, and this may be due to the 'living in the moment' work too, but the stress and confusion around them in my mind dissipated.  All that's left is the thought that something simple needs to be done, period.


  1. A pastry cutter was a big thing for me. I did the dual Fork thing for years. LAME.
    I like soyrizo better than chorizo. Less oily. 😁

    1. Have I told you lately that I love you!? :O)
      It's the little things....


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