Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Why Did You Hide Away for So Long?

Youvarlakia - Greek Meatball Soup. I'd say a very Girlie Soup!

I put my mind light out slowly at night by YouTubing down recipe channel lanes and lost dog loving sites or young blonde surfers catching beefy waves in 10 minute segments.  There, that mysterious land where anything is possible I found a Greek chef who made this fabulous soup that screams Spring, light fresh flavors.  Officially called Youvarlakia, it's a Meatball soup with rice, yogurt, dill, mint, and lots of lemon.  It's very basic and clean. The wow factor comes in with the yogurt as well as not just tiny fresh lemon zest bits but full peels, that give an incredible shine to this soup.  Along with the dill it's basically sunshine in a bowl.  I never knew to use wide peels like this, which is crazy because they're edible and delicious, with no bitter taste!  I love lemons and consume more than anyone I know, so I had a moment.  Just use your vegetable peeler to pull off the entire top layer in 1/2 inch pieces. 

#tip:  They actually save well, so if you drink tons of lemon water, peel them first before squeezing and save in fridge for a tea or to add in soups.  

I made a cheese and green onion quesadilla to dip

Another incredible use of leftover rice was in these meatballs.  He used uncooked but I already had some made so in it went.  After 40 minutes of cooking the brown rice stayed in tact and didn't mush up.

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