Sunday, April 4, 2021

I'd Have You Anytime

This was a mashup of Spaghetti Carbonara and Cacio e Pepe.  I used the rendered bacon fat, tons of freshly cracked black pepper, egg and Parmesan cheese. In the pasta water I added a bunch of whole garlic cloves.  Roasted bacon wrapped asparagus spears went on top.  The pasta water had a ton of great garlic flavor and red pepper flakes gave the extra dimensional kick.  Creamy squirmy goodness!
Pasta has been both a bestie and foe in my life, and probably for many women. It has it's similarities and benefits to that of sweets, which many can't resist either.   There must be something in women's brains that crave this simple, instant assurance, a food hug if you will.   The way well dressed noodles feel and taste sliding down your throat, all velvety and warm, you right away feel them filling you up.  It's a sensation like no other!  Well, maybe one other.  Some of us pay on the backend so normally, I would throw it out entirely but the truth is, at times I would pay any price for this indescribable comfort that I so desperately need.  I was back to work, I was feeling love impoverished, I needed a giant bowl of pasta to help me cope, to give me hope. 

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