Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Watchin' the Ships Come In

thousands of tiny fish
Sitting by the water on the old docks in Red Hook in the summer is one of the most calming activities that I have in this Pandemic world.  In August when it gets super hot, the fish literally jump out of the water.  Schools swim around in giant circles and you don't see them at first but as you sit there, more and more life becomes clear.  First you see thousands of tiny minnows floating and suddenly larger groups come along.  Yes, fish in the water is not such an amazing site but I argue when you're in New York, you can forget that we are also in nature, even though the concrete jungle prevails.  We still live on land and are right on the water.  There's water everywhere in fact, an ocean, bays, sounds, channels, rivers, canals.  Not only that but even though there is often times garbage everywhere, there are animals and birds and aquatic life cohabitating around us that when found, become even more incredible.
Elegant tern - Wikipedia
This is a Tern.  I started seeing them this week.  They look like the regular seagulls if they'd taken ballet classes.  They're much thinner and graceful.  Very gorgeous elegant birds. 
A school of fish swimming up as if to say hello

It's also fun to watch the boats come in and out of the channel.

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